Robin Skånberg

PhD student

+46 11 36 3346
Kopparhammaren 2, Entrance 10B, Room 2073, Campus Norrköping

¡Hola! I am a PhD student in the field of scientific visualization. My main research focus is developing techniques to visualize molecules. The molecular datasets can originate from simulations, x-ray crystallography or even be procedurally generated on the fly.

I received my master’s degree in media technology in 2015 and after spending a year at Ulm university in Germany where I started as a PhD Student, I moved back to Sweden where I have been employed as a PhD Student in the group for Scientific Visualization at Media and Information Technology since 2016.

Software development is an intricate part of our daily work as we need to implement our ideas in order to validate them. While I personally have a soft spot for compiled languages such as C and C++, as C++ progress and grows in complexity I seem to have a tendency to regress (common pattern among middle-aged men) towards the simplicity of C.