Jochen Jankowai

PhD student

+46 11 36 33 91
Kopparhammaren 2, Entrance 10B, Room 2073, Campus Norrköping

Research interests

After receiving my Masters degree from Linköping University in 2016, I started a position as Research Engineer for the open source visualization software Inviwo, primarily developed by the Scientific Visualization group at Media and Information Technology, LiU. Subsequently, I switched to a PhD position to further pursue my academic interests.

Coming from a background in languages, I have a keen interest in transporting the question of how to beautifully encode intent and information from spoken to visual language. Synonymously, this task becomes more engaging, the more complex the message/data is. Will say, I am tackling the challenge of conveying complex data that is not intuitively comprehensible, and application-driven exploration of high-dimensional, high-order data.

Therefore, my research focuses specifically on tensor field exploration, and feature space exploration and analysis.

Ongoing projects

We are currently investigating several ways to expand on the concept of Feature Level-Sets. Stay tuned for interesting outcomes! Apart from that, I have started composing my dissertation. Working title: See it through.

Personal webpage


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Tensor volume exploration using attribute space representatives J.Jankowai, R. Skånberg, D. Jönsson, A. Ynnerman, I. Hotz Levia 2020, 2020
Feature Level-Sets: Generalizing Iso-surfaces to Multi-variate Data J.Jankowai, I. Hotz IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics, 2020
Robust Extraction and Simplification of 2D Symmetric Tensor Field Topology J.Jankowai, B.Wang, I. Hotz Computer Graphics Forum, 2019
Interactive 4D MRI blood flow exploration and analysis using line predicates J.Jankowai, R. Englund, T. Ropinski, I. Hotz SIGRAD 2016, 2016