ExoplanetExplorer in OpenSpace

Interactive Contextualized Exploration of Exoplanet Data for Experts

Exoplanet Explorer overview
Overview of the different views in the OpenSpace ExoplanetExplorer. Left: 3D spatial view, Right: parallel coordinates

The ExoplanetExplorer is an ongoing research project with the aim of providing an exploratory tool for exoplanet researchers. The tool uses the capabilities of the OpenSpace software to provide a spatial contextual view of the exoplanets system in the NASA Exoplanet archive, and exposes quick filtering, coloring and visual exploration using a set of interaction and visualization techniques.

We are currently looking for feedback on the tool and its usefulness within research from people with expert knowledge of exoplanets or other related fields. Please, get in touch if you are interested in providing feedback to make the tool better, or participating in a qualitative evaluation. The feedback and evaluation results will contribute to an upcoming publication in a visulization journal.

Contact: Emma Broman


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