ELLIIT Visualization Infrastructure Support

Access to Visualization Infrastructure, Software, and Competence

Being able to interactively explore one’s data is becoming increasingly important. Advanced data analysis and in particular visual data analysis environments are therefore needed. However, quite often these needs do not require research in visualization itself but rather the deployment of existing methods and techniques.

This infrastructure project therefore provides visualization consultancy as well as software development. Its main goals are to

  • provide ELLIIT researchers with access to the state-of-the-art software and hardware infrastructure available at the Visualization Center C and the connected research units at Linköping University
  • assist ELLIIT researchers in developing applications in software packages like Inviwo (inviwo.org)

This project is funded by ELLIIT.


Showcases and Ongoing Collaborations


ELLIIT is a strategic research environment in information technology and mobile communications, funded by the Swedish government in 2010.

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Inviwo is a software framework for the rapid prototyping visualizations. It is written in C++, exploits modern graphics hardware, and is available under BSD license, which permits free use in any setup - also commercially.

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