Head of the MIT Division

Anders Ynnerman


+46 11 36 33 09
Kopparhammaren 2, Entrance 10A, Room 2069, Campus Norrköping

Visualization research for real world solutions

I am a visualization researcher who focuses on developing fundamental concepts that find their application in real world solutions. I am passionate about the communication of science to both laymen and experts. I am the proud leader of a large research division with great people and have the privilege of being the director of a visualization center with research, education, innovation and public engagement as an agenda.

Research Projects

I am involved in a large number of research projects ranging from low level computer graphics to applied visualization. Applications of my research are found in diverse areas such as medical visualization, astrophysics, autonomous systems, artificial intelligence, and visual learning and communication.


I often present our research at conferences and am frequently invited to give keynotes at research conferences. I also give popular sicence talks on a range of topics related to my research and motivational talks about science and leadership to a general audience.

Positions and Affiliations


Reaching Broad Audiences from a Science Center or Museum Setting A. Ynnerman, P. Ljung, A. Bock Foundations of Data Visualization, 2020
Tensor volume exploration using attribute space representatives J.Jankowai, R. Skånberg, D. Jönsson, A. Ynnerman, I. Hotz Levia 2020, 2020
Visualizing a Billion Stars for Science and Education J. Faherty, B. Abbott, A. Alsegård, C. Emmart, A. Bock, E. Axelsson, A. Ynnerman, M. Acinapura American Astronomical Society meeting #235, 2020
Interactive Visualization of Atmospheric Effects for Celestial Bodies J. Costa, A. Bock, C. Emmart, C. Hansen, A. Ynnerman, C. Silva IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics, 2020
OpenSpace: A System for Astrographics A. Bock, E. Axelsson, J. Costa, G. Payne, M. Acinapura, V. Trakinski, C. Emmart, C. Silva, C. Hansen, A. Ynnerman IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics, 2020

This paper describes how OpenSpace meets these challenges in an open source effort thatis paving the path for the next generation of interactive astrographics.

IDEAS: Immersive Dome Experiences for Accelerating Science J. Faherty, M. SubbaRao, R. Wyatt, A. Ynnerman, N. deGrasse Tyson, A. Geller, M. Weber, P. Rosenfield, W. Steffen, G. Stoeckle, D. Weiskopf, M. Magnor, P. Williams, B. Abbott, L. Marchetti, T. Jarrett, J. Fay, J. Peek, O. Graur, P. Durrell, D. Homeier, H. Preston, T. Müller, J. Vos, D. Brown, P. Giorla, E. Rice, D. Bardalez Gagliuffi, A. Bock, J. Hedberg, D. Rosen, C. Emmart ASTRO 2020 White Paper, 2019
OpenSpace: Bringing NASA Missions to the Public A. Bock, C. Hansen, A. Ynnerman IEEE Computer Graphics & Applications, 2018
OpenSpace: Changing the Narrative of Public Dissemination in Astronomical Visualization from What to How A. Bock, E. Axelsson, C. Emmart, M. Kuznetsova, C. Hansen, A. Ynnerman IEEE Computer Graphics & Applications, 2018
Globe Browsing in OpenSpace K. Bladin, A. Bock, A. Ynnerman Computer, 2018
OpenSpace: An Open-Source Astrovisualization Framework A. Bock, E. Axelsson, K. Bladin, J. Costa, G. Payne, M. Territo, J. Kilby, M. Kuznetsova, C. Emmart, A. Ynnerman Journal of Open-Source Software, 2017
Globe Browsing: Contextualized Spatio-Temporal Planetary Surface Visualization K. Bladin, E. Axelsson, E. Broberg, C. Emmart, P. Ljung, A. Bock, A. Ynnerman IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics, 2017 Best Scientific Visualization Paper
Dynamic Scene Graph: Enabling Scaling, Positioning, and Navigation in the Universe E. Axelsson, J. Costa, C. Silva, C. Emmart, A. Bock, A. Ynnerman Computer Graphics Forum, 2017
Hybrid Data Visualization Based On Depth Complexity Histogram Analysis S. Lindholm, M. Falk, E. Sundén, A. Bock, A. Ynnerman, T. Ropinski Computer Graphics Forum, 2015
Shocks in unmagnetized plasma with a shear flow: Stability and magnetic field generation M. Dieckmann, A. Bock, H. Ahmed, D. Doria, G. Sarri, A. Ynnerman, M. Borghesi Physics of Plasmas, 2015
OpenSpace: An Open-Source Framework for Data Visualization and Contextualization A. Bock, A. Pembroke, M.L. Mays, A. Ynnerman Abstracts at American Geophysical Union, Fall Meeting, 2015
Visual Verification of Space Weather Ensemble Simulations A. Bock, A. Pembroke, M.L. Mays, L. Rastaetter, A. Ynnerman, T. Ropinski IEEE Vis, 2015
OpenSpace: Public Dissemination of Space Mission Profiles A. Bock, M. Marcinkowski, J. Kilby, C. Emmart, A. Ynnerman IEEE Vis Poster Session, 2015 Best Scientific Visualization Poster
Interaction Techniques as a Communication Channel when Presenting 3D Visualizations E. Sundén, A. Bock, D. Jönsson, A. Ynnerman, T. Ropinski IEEE VIS International Workshop on 3DVis, 2014
VCMass: A Framework for Verification of Coronal Mass Ejection Ensemble Simulations A. Bock, M.L. Mays, L. Rastaetter, A. Ynnerman, T. Ropinksi IEEE Vis Poster Session, 2014 Best Scientific Visualization Poster
Interactive Visualization of Space Weather Data M. Törnros, D. Berrios, A. Bock, C. Emmart, R. Harberts, A. Ynnerman Abstracts at American Geophysical Union, Fall Meeting, 2012
Deriving and Visualizing Uncertainty in Kinetic PET Modeling K. T. Nguyen, A. Bock, A. Ynnerman, T. Ropinski Visual Computing for Biology and Medicine, 2012